Hedge Problems

Did you know that there is no law as to how high a hedge can be grown, however, it is worth remembering that if a complaint is put in then the local council can step in and make a decision to trim or remove it if the decide that the hedge is stopping a person from reasonably enjoying their garden.

If you have a dispute about a neighbours hedge you can contact your council but they will like to see that you have taken steps to resolve the issue between yourselves first.

Anything that grows over your boundary (foliage or roots) you are entitled to trim back but remember that the trimmings belong to your neighbour.  Contrary to popular belief it isn't a good idea to throw the clippings back over the fence!

To prevent disputes with neighbours it is recommended that you do not grow hedges over 2 metres in height and that you trim your hedge once or twice each year.  Doing this will keep it manageable and it will grow more dense as a result.

It is worth noting that if you have a tree or hedge that falls and causes damage to a neighbours property then you will be responsible for the repair or replacement of damage caused.


Gardenchief are fully equipped and qualified to safely take down or trim trees and hedges of all sizes. We are often called in to deal with hedges that have been part of a dispute between neighbours and you can be sure of a friendly service.

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