Winter growing period

It seems that here in South Staffs the weather has turned very mild indeed. It has been up to 12 degrees and very much 't-shirt' weather for me.

I have noticed too that my lawn is growing at a fair old pace which is unusual for this time of year.

Scientists say that until recently, the chilly average winter temperature of under 5 degrees c kept lawns dormant until March. But milder weather between November and February has allowed grass to thrive, leading to an unseasonable surge in sales of mowers and allowing us gardeners to cut grass when traditionally we would be doing gentler tasks.

The last few Januarys have been above average, so grass is now growing all year round and the proportion of people cutting their grass in the winter is rising.
March is normally the time when you start to hear the sound of lawnmowers, and traditionally the last cutting is at the end of October.

But about 35 per cent of homeowners are now mowing the lawn between November and February, a huge number when you consider that 20 years ago the only place in this country that anyone had to cut the grass in winter was the Scilly Isles.

It is so mild here in Cannock that my spring bulbs are now about 3cm high!

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