Winter Jobs in the Garden

Cold weather does not mean that all outdoor gardening must end. The gardens here in Cannock aren't looking their best, but now is a good time for some of those garden jobs that will help you be better prepared for spring.

For starters, clean up the perennials and leaves that you allowed to remain, whether as food for the birds or to add some winter interest to your garden. Cut back ornamental grasses, and such. This will help alleviate compaction that occurs during the winter months. And you do not have to refrain from planting something. Check your local nursery for bare root trees and shrubs, but only plant if there's no risk of frost.

This is also the ideal time to prune deciduous trees and bushes. The lack of leaves make it an easier job, plus you can better see what needs to be pruned e.g. branches crossing and scraping other branches or a shape that is not quite to your liking. Cut off suckers such as those on Sumach and curly Hazel.

Clean out the green house, this is the perfect time to disinfect it ready for the spring bedding plants frenzy.

Finally, clean your tools, all them blades need sharpening and the pivots need oiling.

Now relax with your gardening catalogues and start planning for spring.